Group/Meeting Registration & Updates

The current health crisis has impacted our ability to post all of the meeting updates we are receiving. Please check Local NA Helplines & Websites for meeting updates that may be posted there.

NA World Services needs the fellowship's help to to update our database with correct and current meeting information.

Simple Group Updates/Deletions:
For single group updates and you are a trusted servant of that group please email ( our Fellowship Services team directly with this updated information. Please make sure that you include the meeting name, time, day or days that it meets, meeting location information with facility name, and the area or region that the group belongs to.

New Group/Update Registration Forms: 
To register a new group or update an existing group, the forms that can be found here.

Multiple Group/Meeting Updates Process:
We have a process in place that allows for trusted servants that are delegated by their service committee to update group and meeting information with us. Those trusted servants can receive a MS Excel file, make changes and send it back to us. We are able to import this file into our system. Trusted servants that have been assigned this responsibility, please contact Web Updates. (