World Convention

WCNA 36 -  June 11-14, 2015 - The Gift is Freedom

We understand that many of you are planning to attend WCNA 36 and are waiting for more information to help you with those plans. We have not yet been able to finalize all of the details, but we want to provide you with the information we have now even though it is not complete. 

The primary location of WCNA 36 will be the Rio Centro Convention Center, located approximately 30 km south east of Rio De Janeiro. We are still in the process of finalizing hotel and convention center details. We believe that we will be able to open convention registration and our hotel room blocks sometime in November.

Members traveling from the US and Canada need a visa to enter the country. US passport holders must have a passport that is valid through the end of 2015, prior to applying for a visa. Once we open registration, we will provide information about where to go to process visa requests.

If you or someone you know speaks English and is interested in being considered to speak at a workshop or main meeting at WCNA 36, please complete the online information form. Clean time requirements are five years for workshop speakers and ten years for main speakers.

We are also asking for English speaking volunteers with at least five years clean to help by listening to and evaluating potential convention speakers over the next few months (Nov 2014-Mar 2015). If you are interested in serving as a speaker evaluator, please complete the online information form before 31 December 2014.

Note about form: If you are using the Chrome browser, please make sure that you either have Adobe Reader as your PDF reader or download the form onto your hard drive and open it there.