About Us

Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit, international, community-based organization for recovering addicts, which is active in 129 countries. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) members learn from one another how to live drug-free and recover from the effects of addiction.

NA’s primary approach to recovery is based on the therapeutic value of one addict helping another. Members take part in NA meetings by talking about our experiences and recovery from drug addiction. NA meetings are informally structured, held in space rented by the group, and are led by NA members. All services are provided by NA members and are funded entirely by member contributions and the sale of recovery literature. Financial contributions from non-members are not accepted.

NA is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs, including alcohol. The core of the NA program is the Twelve Steps. These “steps” are a set of guiding principles outlining a practical approach to recovery from the disease of addiction. By following these guidelines and working closely with other members, addicts learn to stop using drugs and face the challenges of daily living. 

Narcotics Anonymous is not a religious organization and does not mandate any particular belief system. It does teach basic spiritual principles such as honesty, openmindedness, faith, willingness, and humility that may be applied in everyday life. The specific practical application of spiritual principles is determined by each individual. Recovery in NA is not a miracle cure that happens within a given period of time. It is a process, ongoing and personal. Members make an individual decision to join and recover at their own pace.

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